Friday, December 24, 2010

Yoyo it's christmas eve!!!!!!!

Hey guys :D sorry haven't been posting for a long time..
I've been a lot busy lately :/ yea school and such...

But now I can share :D
It's christmas eve :)
We just had a crazy night tonight...

So, me, anya, jess, kevin, and daddy is just lying on the bed trying to hear the bell of the raindeers.. While our mom is downstairs probably doing all the 'work'. So we're just pretending to sleep, but we can't cause we can't wait for our PRESENTS!!!! Then we heard the bell.. could it be?? the freaky white beard dude is here with his steed??? All of us ran downstairs like in a flash ._. THERE THEY ARE!! our presents under the christmas tree :) Anya gots 5 presents ( I'm so jealous ) jess gots 4 presents. kevo gots 3, and i got 2-_- ( oh c'mon I'm doing all the work in the house all my years and santa just gives me 2-_- ) We checked the cookies and milk, they were all empty :o Then we checked our shoes cause we put grass in them so the raindeers could eat them :) It was gone, but it got messy on the floor :/ haha. We ran back upstairs, we un-wrapped our presents!!! aaaa!!! Anya got all what she wanted, all marie's -_- Jess :) she got new goggles, new swim suit, and a marie doll :) kevin he gots toys of course, and spongebob!! Me? Well i check one.. AND THERE'S SO MANY INSIDE :D there's cool shorts, new tank ( to my 3rd daddy: that's u gavin, santa don't mind me wearing it :p ) and the necklace i always wanted :') It's a really happy moment, one more? you don't wanna know, it's embarrasing :/

Haha, yea this all is kinda our christmas tradition :) So now we're just gonna sit down on our cumfy couch, drinking hot cocoa, while watching christmas movies, then we're just gonna sing christmas songs. And there's nothing better while sitting on the cold wearing socks and sweaters your grandparents give :) And we're eating christmas shaped cookies :)

well, that's our christmas eve celebration :) happy christmas eve everyone, GBU :)

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  1. i really jealous (in a potitive way) reading this.. i never have this kind of tradition, hiks.. n now i realize why santa never gave me such presents.

    yeah.. i never put grasses in my hangin socks..
    but it's just late, I am now as old as santa.. hohoho!

    anw, congrats for the presents dear..
    Merry Christmas :D