Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some friends that wanna be described specially :)

I would like to tell ya'll about 2 friend of mine :)
First is DINA~
Haha, I've known her since I started junior high school :) She's mostly cheerful :D Really funny :) Super smart :) active ;) Not girly~ Not tomboy~ish... super fun to hang out with :D The kind of girl you need if your sad ;) she sure could cheer you up in a giffe~

And now.. the best for last.. MIRNA~ A.K.A. My super uper bestest friend :)
We have a lot in common though, we like this, we like that~ yadayadayada~
But she's different :) without her I would be lost in this world ._. And if she moves out to another school, I would have no friend to talk to AT ALL, and it's only my boyfriend left to talk to, hehe :p But I always take her more than a best friend but a sister :) She's just the best :)

 That's all :) If u want to be described tell me A.S.A.P. :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm staring at my laptop... But I don't know what to write

Staying up late

Yo guys...'
God, I'm so sleepy.. But I can't sleep. I can't just close my eyes :/
It's still 1 a.m. i guess... If you got any ideas for any tips on HOW TO SLEEP EARLY please tell me :( hehe
School has just gotten harder i guess... Family has gotten crankier(?) haha
I have become crazy so I'm talking to myself like this everynight :p I'm just so damn bored. My boyfriend might be sleeping, my friends too perhaps.... Ugh-_- the craziness of being lonely..

Friday, January 7, 2011


"I wanna get along"

Lookin' at you all day long
Feelin' like nothin' that would change
I just wanna get along with you
Right now
Baby just tell me it right now
I promise I would listen to you
If you let me stand close
Right now

Cause I know the both of us
could be just one
Believe me baby
I wanted to

But right now I just wanna see
If you feel the same way about me
Please don't get this wrong
I wanna get along
So don't try to stop me
Right now

Seeing you with that girl
I'm feelin' like I'm such a fool
Maybe I should go and cry
But I won't
Trust me that this is killing me
Don't you care about me
Cause I know
U won't

One more move like that
I don't think my heart could take it
But you don't really care about me

But right now I just wanna see
If you feel the same way about me
Please don't get this wrong
I wanna get along
So don't try to stop me
Right now

Maybe I'm not right
I'm not smart
I'm not tough
I can't be yours to say
But I just can't fight what I'm feeling
So don't pull me back
Cause I will stand by you

But right now I just wanna see
If you feel the same way about me
Please don't get this wrong
I wanna get along
So don't try to stop me
Right now

Me and my fave cuz

I just gotta tell you about my cuz. She's just the coolest person I know. She's just the same like me, first kid, always stressful, and always having fun :D. She's just awesome, she likes taking pictures and it looks great. She went to college to study about language of Japanese. And I can't understand how she can survive in it. She's a big fan of buzz lightyear " To infinity and beyond!" Don't know why she love it. But she's lucky, she lives right next to baba so she can get many food-_- Sometimes I want her to be my sister... But sometimes she's kinda... Yea, mad or badmood.... But it's alright, she still rocks :)

My top fave songs

beautiful soul - jesse mcCartney
Marry me - Train
Shake - Jesse mcCartney
Never let this go - paramore
I caught myself - Paramore
Find my way - The gabe Dixon
Crazy in love - beyonce ft jay-z
Gives you hell - glee version
The only exception - Paramore
Nothing on you - B.O.B. ft Bruno mars
Airplanes - B.O.B. ft Hayley williams
DJ got us falling in love again - usher
Teenage dream - Katy Perry
What's my name - Rihanna ft Drake
Sleep all day ( party all night ) - sean kingston
Eclipse ( all yours ) - Metric
You got me - Colbie Calliat
Someone to fall back on - Aly Michalka
Just the way you are - Bruno mars
Two is better than one - Boys like girls ft taylor swift
Good girls go bad - Cobra starship
Hot mess - Cobra starship
Peacock - Katy Perry
Today was a fairytale - Taylor Swift
Shut up and let me go - The ting tings
Vanilla Twilight - Owl city
Just try listening to em' :)

Best New Year eva

Hey guys :)
The new year party was amazing :)
Me and cuz went to singapore before new year's eve :D
Yea so another amazing night :)
So me and cuz just went to singapore flyer. Cos we know that there's gonna be fireworks there plus there's a party :) Yea so we just dance all night long :)
The dj rocked :) We saw some great dancers, and meet some new friends, old friends...
But there's a magic show :) And it was cool though, but i know the secret :p
We took pictures and we eat of course.
 Suddenly the dj shouts " Hey hey everybody!!! It's 5 more minutes before 2011!!! Now I wanna hear ya guys shout!!!!" everybody: " WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" including me :p haha. Ok when it's just about time me and my cuz is just finding the perfect spot to watch the firework :) but at that time I'm just jealous to see someone dating.. hehehe. So it's a count down. 10.... 9..... 8.... 7..... 6.... 5..... 4... 3...... 2...... 1........ WOOOOOOO!!!!! There they are :D AND THERE'S SO MANY ._. IT'S AMAZING FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. SO KOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish u were there to see it :/ Ah.. the nicest 15 minutes of my life :)