Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's hard to say goodbye

Did u ever loose someone that u really love?
The only one person who kept believe in u?
The only one who really understand u?
well.. That happens to me...
When my grandpa passed away...
He died after I called him for 10 minutes...
My last words were " Good bye grandpa, I can't wait to see u tomorrow. Love u"
Then when in a sudden nearly midnight, somebody called my dad
That my grandpa was on the floor, he wasn't breathing, and he can't get up
He was too weak...
Then my dad rush to there, and help him to the hospital...
It was when I was worried...
It was nearly 3 a.m. my dad wasn't home yet
to be continued...

Monday, October 4, 2010

My dream

Just wanna say some stuffs for what I wanna share to u special people. My friends say that I have to share with someone, so I just wanna share it here. Been thinking a lot lately about my dream, my dad wanted me to become a composer and maybe a pianist. So he brings me to some piano lessons. So I just know some songs. But my dad wanted me to create my own songs. So I was thinking to become a songwriter or a singer. But I just have to find out if i could prove that to my dad. My mom wanted me to become an actress but I kinda suck in acting and most likely to sing than acting. But my mom also bring me to some acting lessons and some teachers told me I could be good for a drama but I don't know if I'm ready enough. Then my grandparents suggest me to join some dancing lessons. And when that rings a bell for my dad, my dad starting to teach me some dancing like breakdancing, shuffle, it's just because my dad was a breakdancer. But it's cool to learn about it. So i created some dance moves, some songs, and practicing acting. But it's all cool and stuff but I have to choose one. Well actually at the past I love to read and write some stories till now. So kinda wanna be a writer. So I've been practicing writing, and show it to my parents but they sometimes say that I gotta improve more. And my mom also wanted me to become a model, so I started to join some photoshoots since I was little till now. But my real dream is just to be a songwriter or a singer just to show people what's going on in my life. So i just gotta find a way to show people. Or maybe u can suggest me, so if u have some idea please tell me :) plus tell me about ur dreams :)

The weird things bout me

It is cloudy October and it's kind of my favorite kind of weather. Cloudy, rainy, wet, and dark is kind of my aura to be. Cause with the sun shining so bright I feel like I'm gonna melt or just gonna be burn to ashes like a vampire. Speaking of vampire I think I am one (?) Cause every night I couldn't sleep, and it's the time when I could be fresh, and when I have time for myself hehehe. But I don't know why I do see ghost. Every time I try to run away from it, It doesn't go away. So what am I? I can't sleep at night, I see ghost, and I have a kind of sickness that I don't what it is....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

This song is dedicated to my dad :) " For what it seems"

Remember those crazy days we had
spending our time together
like we're the only ones who have this world
thinking bout' our dreams one at the time

when your gone the sky is gray
but when u came the sun is shining
because u know u have your own light
and when your here I know that everything is gonna be okay

For what it seems
u know everything about this world
I would know that i could count on u
For what u do
u bring joy to this world
so I'm gonna show u
what u mean to me

when i was sad
u knew how to cheer me up
for everywhere u go
u have your own sun with u

I know u work so hard
just to bring luck for our family
and i know u want to make my dreams come true

so I would never give up
I will show u what we came here for
because of what u are
u gave me a lot to learn
and i should learn it from u
because in this cruel cruel world
u are the reason why I am still alive

so thank u for everything....

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One thing that make sense in my world...

1. Loving u is just Isn't enough for me
2. Okay is not good enough
3. Valentine's day is the most special day
4. Every love that u give to me; make my world make sense again...

1. L
2. O
3. V
4. E

Love make sense to me again :)

The thing about me

Wat's up people?! I just gotta tell u that this blog is somehow to share/express how I feel at the moment, so I hope u enjoy it ;)