Monday, October 4, 2010

My dream

Just wanna say some stuffs for what I wanna share to u special people. My friends say that I have to share with someone, so I just wanna share it here. Been thinking a lot lately about my dream, my dad wanted me to become a composer and maybe a pianist. So he brings me to some piano lessons. So I just know some songs. But my dad wanted me to create my own songs. So I was thinking to become a songwriter or a singer. But I just have to find out if i could prove that to my dad. My mom wanted me to become an actress but I kinda suck in acting and most likely to sing than acting. But my mom also bring me to some acting lessons and some teachers told me I could be good for a drama but I don't know if I'm ready enough. Then my grandparents suggest me to join some dancing lessons. And when that rings a bell for my dad, my dad starting to teach me some dancing like breakdancing, shuffle, it's just because my dad was a breakdancer. But it's cool to learn about it. So i created some dance moves, some songs, and practicing acting. But it's all cool and stuff but I have to choose one. Well actually at the past I love to read and write some stories till now. So kinda wanna be a writer. So I've been practicing writing, and show it to my parents but they sometimes say that I gotta improve more. And my mom also wanted me to become a model, so I started to join some photoshoots since I was little till now. But my real dream is just to be a songwriter or a singer just to show people what's going on in my life. So i just gotta find a way to show people. Or maybe u can suggest me, so if u have some idea please tell me :) plus tell me about ur dreams :)

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