Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some friends that wanna be described specially :)

I would like to tell ya'll about 2 friend of mine :)
First is DINA~
Haha, I've known her since I started junior high school :) She's mostly cheerful :D Really funny :) Super smart :) active ;) Not girly~ Not tomboy~ish... super fun to hang out with :D The kind of girl you need if your sad ;) she sure could cheer you up in a giffe~

And now.. the best for last.. MIRNA~ A.K.A. My super uper bestest friend :)
We have a lot in common though, we like this, we like that~ yadayadayada~
But she's different :) without her I would be lost in this world ._. And if she moves out to another school, I would have no friend to talk to AT ALL, and it's only my boyfriend left to talk to, hehe :p But I always take her more than a best friend but a sister :) She's just the best :)

 That's all :) If u want to be described tell me A.S.A.P. :)

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