Friday, January 7, 2011

Best New Year eva

Hey guys :)
The new year party was amazing :)
Me and cuz went to singapore before new year's eve :D
Yea so another amazing night :)
So me and cuz just went to singapore flyer. Cos we know that there's gonna be fireworks there plus there's a party :) Yea so we just dance all night long :)
The dj rocked :) We saw some great dancers, and meet some new friends, old friends...
But there's a magic show :) And it was cool though, but i know the secret :p
We took pictures and we eat of course.
 Suddenly the dj shouts " Hey hey everybody!!! It's 5 more minutes before 2011!!! Now I wanna hear ya guys shout!!!!" everybody: " WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" including me :p haha. Ok when it's just about time me and my cuz is just finding the perfect spot to watch the firework :) but at that time I'm just jealous to see someone dating.. hehehe. So it's a count down. 10.... 9..... 8.... 7..... 6.... 5..... 4... 3...... 2...... 1........ WOOOOOOO!!!!! There they are :D AND THERE'S SO MANY ._. IT'S AMAZING FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. SO KOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish u were there to see it :/ Ah.. the nicest 15 minutes of my life :)