Monday, February 7, 2011

Biggest story


Do you know why I said that now? Cos I've been dating with such a asshole, jerk, liar, slut, and bitchy guy. My "EX" cheated on me. He likes another girl... Another girl that I really don't know who she is. I wish I could kill him. He ditches me more than a week. So yeah he told the whole world in twitter ( such a coward ) many things that really made me cry. Fine, I could live without him anyways. But luckily my 2 bestfriends ( Mirna and eli ) told me everything. And it's actually today which is our anniversary...

AND HE JUST DOESNT CARE!!!! I HOPE HE JUST GO TO HELL!! if he likes to play with girl's feelings then I hope he will got crashed by a car. But there is still many other BETTER guys than this son of a bitch. So this is his suprise to me. He told me he wanna give me a suprise and there it is. Kay fuck u mike.

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