Wednesday, February 23, 2011

black eyes and black nose

Hey guyss...
This is the worst week yet relaxing, u know why???
I have a black eyes and black nose -_-
Cos of the terrorist a.k.a. My sister anya -_-
Soooo...... Anya and my cousin were the first, they were hitting me with a kind of pillow... But there's one that anya pick which there was a real HARD, STRONG, and SHARP steel inside it. And she hit it 10 times harder than you think, and vuala black eyes and black nose!! -_- but my parents didn't do anything about it.. They just ask what happened and that's it. And it was suppose to be anya's fault right?? But no, they blame it all.. To me. And I got the punishment not her. And I'm totally sick to be the one who got blamed and punished even though it's not my fault at all.. They never asked how's your nose, or take me to the doctor to check. Instead they keep making me work. Well, if that's call respecting your parents and supporting your siblings then I am trying to be a good daughter and sister. But yet, still.. I need my parents of course.

Then from sunday till tuesday I stayed at my grandma's house with the terrorist while my parents are away shooting with my other sister. Well, it was nice though, I was bored having no friend... BUT I LOVE IT. I mean c'mon, that's like the first time I'm being alone, nobody is the boss of me, and no disturbance from my siblings B) I'm enjoying life. Yeah I go to school today and everyone was shocked :s yeah I have a black eye, so what? But thx for the support, I really appreciate it.

But most of my friends said that they would complain their parents and just kick their sibling's butt... But no.. I would never shout to my parents, I will never be mad to my parents, even if I wanted to, I can't, their my parents. And no I would never hurt my siblings like that, I care about them even though they are a pain in the ass, still I won't. Because if I shout to my rents, I would be the most spoiled girl. And if I hurt my siblings, I would give them the bad influence. My dad told me, how much we want to shout, how much it's hard life is, one key to reach to success and go through, is patience. So yeah, I learn about it every moment.

But today was fun anyway :*

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