Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kay, the official worst week ever -_-

Hmm... where do i start.. Well, it's just start when me and my mom has just started to have big fights this week.. And I sincerely don't hate her.. but i don't partically like her... So yeah, every little thing i do, she watches me like an eagle who's trying to hunt a mouse -_- Yeah, and ever at wednesday i guess... Before school, I was packing my bags, brush my teeth and yada,yada,yada. Yeah well, she said I have to take my bag downstairs imidiately but i said " kay, 5 minutes, I'm still lazy" I was so comfortable in my bed :( then she yelled -_- " Chelsea!!! wake up already!!! I hate it so much when u keep saying ur lazy!!!" and yada yada yada... Because... everytime i did a LITTLE mistake she makes it such A BIG DEAL, and I can't stand it, So yeah I yelled back at her... And when I'm in school.. I lost my voice -_- Gosh, mom u really shouldn't have bring my temper up.

Well that's that, and there's another prob that's causing me stress over-all... HOMEWORKS... And it's my biggest enemies... Social and Bahasa.... But I like the bahasa, cause we have to describe our mom in 3 pages.. That's simply easy ;p lol i can describe my mom more than 3 pages -_- So many THINGS about her ._. And social.... We have to write what we wanna be and write the achivements that could make a success.... But there is 1 prob... My parents are choosing it for me -_- well not only my parents but my grandma, uncle, and the rest -_- my dad said i should be a hip-hop dancer -_- that's crazy... my mom said i should be a model -_- crazier... my grandma said i should be an artist, i liked that... my grandpa said i should be an actress :S that's not really not what i had in mind... But I wanna be an author!! Argh, but I don't wanna dissapoint my parents.... So yeah -_- that's all ;-)

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